Friday, 23 March 2018


There is a website that has historical records, maps, photographs, etc. You can search for historical documents, photos, newsreels, etc.

And sometimes you find the most unexpected things.

I recall seeing a photograph, some time back, that had a scene under a coconut tree on one of the islands of Singapore, and I wanted to reference that photo. I thought, "coconut" might be a good search term, 'cos how many people will include the coconut tree in the name of the photo right?

How wrong I was!

There were photos of buildings described as "among coconut trees".

Soldiers dismounting from their vehicles were "in a village of attap houses surrounded by coconut trees".

Group photo of guests in white dinner jackets were taken "under the coconut trees".

I even found a picture of a retired teacher who taught LKY just because he mentioned that lessons were taught under swaying coconut trees, then. I guess that's why LKY thinks air-conditioning is the best invention ever!

There is someone who seems obsessed with coconut trees. He provided this photo of a "well-grown coconut tree".

Rare Coconut Tree
And this rare coconut tree!

There were 290 photos of coconut trees! Or rather photographs where "coconuts" were mentioned!


And here's where I make this relevant to this blog.

I thought these photos could make a good writing exercise.

Take any photo. Or choose one. Either one that is very intriguing. Or one that is unremarkable.

Then write a story about it.

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