Monday, 11 July 2016


This started out as an office joke.

"What shall we call our new meeting room?"

"Well, since we have discussions in the room to come to some decision, let's name the room, 'Decisive!'"

"Good name!"

So the meeting room was named. Some days later the assistant to the CEO answered an internal call, and told the caller, "I'm sorry, CEO is in a meeting right now, it may take a while. He's in 'Decisive'."

"The deputy CEO? She's in another meeting. She's in 'Competent'."

I think the meeting room in the Vatican, used by the Pope is called "Fallible".

So I was lying in bed when the phone rings.

"Hello? Oh nothing. I'm just in 'Deep Thought'."

"Okay. Bye."

"Deep Thought" is what I call my bed.

Customary wishes for wedding couples is for them to be "fruitful and multiply. But they probably don't want to call their bed "Fertile" or "Conceivable". The names may be auspicious sounding, but no.

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