Thursday, 2 July 2015

Walk, don't run

When you’ve lost everything and cannot bear to stay, walk, don’t run.

When you've done nothing wrong, but the blame still comes your way, walk, don't run.

When the dog is barking at you and you’re feeling afraid, walk, don't run.

When you find your love in bed with another and you've shot them both dead, walk, don't run.

When your sins have come back to haunt you and you need to leave behind the past, walk, don’t run.

When you have bad diarrhea and you’re trying to get to the toilet really fast, walk, don't run (trust me. running just makes it worse!)

When the world is set against you and you don’t seem to have a friend, walk, don’t run.

When you've done something wrong and you’ve got to escape, walk, don't run.

When you've given your best, but your best ain't enough, and all you have left is your dignity, walk, don't run.

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