Saturday, 6 December 2014

Robin Williams 1951 – 2014

12 August 2014

If I am angry, it is because it seems weak to be sad
If it hurts when it should not, it is only natural to strike out
If it doesn’t make sense, I need to believe that you are stupid, foolish, weak
If you have taken your own life, did we fail to give you what you need?
When I see your face now in photos taken all these while, do I now see a sorrow in your eyes that we had not seen?
Did your laughter mask the sobs?
Did your smiles hide a melancholia?
Is it all just a facade?
A farce?
A mask?

When a clown dies, does the laughter?
When he takes his own life, does he take ours with him?
Questions. Only questions.
No answers.

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